Elemental Medically Supervised Weight Loss 

Program length -- 8 weeks

Description - An 8 week customized program designed and supervised by Dr. Jennifer Cronin, M.D. which transforms your body by changing the way your body uses food for fuel so that your body begins burning fat for energy. This signature program is designed to detoxify your body and your liver so that you can more easily enter into the all important state of "fat burning". The detoxification process will open the gateway to get you into a fat burning mode more efficiently.

Lose 20-35 Lbs in 8 weeks the natural and healthy way and without starving your body and losing energy.  This is a medically supervised weight loss program with no drugs and no hormones that will allow you to lose weight the safe and healthy way while teaching you how to keep the weight off for good.

This program consists of a personalized consultation, customized body analysis, customized food plan and medical grade supplements and/or vitamin shots to help you get into the fat burning state needed for effective and safe results. Weekly follow up appointments will utilize proven technology to measure your body's fat burning state and overall weekly improvements. This program is designed to burn fat and not lean muscle mass while feeding your body with the correct food types so you don't starve and lose energy.  The programs core principle is to use fats for fuel instead of sugar and to lower insulin levels in your body.  The secondary principle of detoxification allows the body to convert to fat burning more easily and to rid the body of inflammation which naturally leads to weight problems.  


  • Detoxify your body and your liver so you are able to use proper diet to more easily put your body in a fat burning mode. Eliminate the toxins in your body that cause inflammation which leads to unhealthy weight.
  • Promotes the utilization of fats instead of sugar for fuel
  • Assists in fat burning by changing your metabolic demands to utilize excess body fat for energy.
  • Increased energy, better sleep, increased focus and mental clarity, enhanced athletic performance, better mood, clearer skin.
  • Increase your metabolism without feeling tired.
  • Lowers inflammation which can lead to chronic illnesses.
  • Improves gut health for optimal health and increased quality of life.
  • Lose weight and fat and learn a new, healthier way of eating that is sustainable and keep the weight from coming back.
  • Does not put body into a starvation state which eliminates risks and helps with long term results
  • Educates you on how to maintain long term weight loss after the program is complete
  • Won't harm muscle retention
  • Will suppress appetite and typical carb and sugar cravings.
  • We keep your wellness first and foremost with a safe, natural plan for effective weight loss results that last
  • Recalibrates your body so you may be able to reduce or eliminate drugs you are currently taking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial consultation like?

We will discuss your current lifestyle habits and goals to identify if you are a candidate for this program. We provide a body composition analysis to assess your metabolic state and fat storage.  We will create a customized plan by a trained professional

What is the 8 week program like?

The first step is to get your body into fat burning mode.  We do this by safely changing your diet and with the help of a customized introduction of medical grade supplements and/or vitamin shots that are right for you.  The first few days are the most difficult as with any plan, but once you are in fat burning mode you will feel increased energy levels and better moods.…… As you see weekly results you will become more motivated and excited for your next weeks check up.

What is the cost?

The program is customized for each person based on their current lifestyle, habits and goals.  Individual pricing is provided at the time of consultation and evaluation.

How many calories can I eat?

This is individually based on your weight loss goals and getting into the correct macro nutrient requirements at healthy intake levels.  There is typically a daily caloric deficit but this is not a typical 500 calorie per day fad diet.

Can I dine out?

Yes, but we will help you navigate the best options when dining out

Are their any other programs to choose from?

Yes our 6 month Elements in Action Program.

How long till I get into fat burning mode?

This typically takes 2-7 days but it depends on your current diet.

Elements in Action Wellness program.

This 6 Month Program is a Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Program based on your unique goals and health conditions and uses primarily Food as Medicine to improve or to prevent chronic diseases and to empower you with the tools to live in optimal health. You will have an initial evaluation to discuss your medical history and your goals. Then you will undergo nutritional testing that may involve food intolerance and sensitivity testing and/or micronutrient status to help you identify foods that are creating inflammation and leading to unwanted weight gain, weight loss resistance, metabolic syndrome and disorders, hormonal imbalance, mood, memory and energy problems.

Once your medical history and laboratory testing is complete, a unique program to help you achieve your health goals will be developed with twice a month follow up appointments either in person or a virtual appointment for your convenience.

This program is based on Functional Medicine principles that looks for the "root cause" of disease instead of just handing out a pill for every symptom that you have. And at the core of this approach is to start with Gut Health. Gut health affects not only our digestion but is closely integrated with the brain, as well as the metabolic and cellular health of the entire body. Thus, you must start with looking at the quality of your nutrition, the quality of your personal care products and your entire environment, in order to transform your health from the inside out.

The Elements in Action  program will overhaul your nutrition, fitness and mindset and give you the tools needed to achieve your health goals, career goals, and relationship goals by helping you feel good and to function at your highest level everyday.

If you are willing and ready to make significant, life-long changes, to stop the cycle or the downward spiral of feeling like crap everyday, then this is the right program for you. Change your mind, change your habits, change your life.