Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that originated in India. It has become very popular in the United States and other Western countries. The Elements is proud to offer this unique procedure.


Why threading?

Threading is one of the safest method for removing unwanted facial hair. This can be gentle, very precise and may provide little to no pain. There are a variety of threading techniques available, including the hand method, mouth method, and neck. And, it can be used on various areas, such as:

  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Chin
  • Lips

What can you expect?

Unlike tweezing where hairs are pulled one at a time, this temporary hair removal treatment involves a cotton thread that is doubled, twisted, and rolled over the areas of unwanted hair, which removes the hair at the follicle level.


How long does the procedure take?

Your initial treatment may take as long as 20 minutes, but routine maintenance appointments can typically be done in less than 10 minutes.

Will my skin appear red or irritated?

The treated area may appear slightly red or swollen for approximately 30 minutes after your treatment.

Does it hurt?

You may experience pain that is similar to having your eyebrows plucked, but your esthetician will apply a cooling gel after the treatment to help reduce any discomfort you may feel.

How expensive is the treatment?

Depending on the area(s) treated, members will be charged anywhere from $15 to $40. Non-members will pay between $20 and $45 for the same treatments.