Five Ways to Make Your Permanent Makeup Last
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Five Ways to Make Your Permanent Makeup Last

March 16, 2017

A top reason that many opt for permanent cosmetics is simply the summertime. Swimming, sweating and dawn-to-dusk hours spent outside will simply wash or wear conventional makeup away in just hours, if not minutes. But with permanent makeup, you'll look perfectly polished throughout even the longest and most active days.

Also known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup employs tattoo technology and techniques to enhance the face with coloring expertly applied to resemble eyeliner, brow makeup, mascara or lipstick. While it is permanent, know that it can begin to fade over time if you're not careful to protect it, particularly in the days, weeks and months immediately after application. Jacksonville's Elements of Therapy offers five tips for making your permanent makeup last beautifully:

  1. Hands off: It's temping, we know. But it's important to resist the urge to touch your new permanent makeup, particularly eyeliner. In the case of dust or an errant eyelash, use a new, clean cotton swab to gently sweep it away. Otherwise, you're courting an infection that could require medical treatment.
  2. Take cover: Vigilantly protect your treatment area from the sun's rays for at least seven to 10 days. Stay inside during the brightest hours and, if you must venture outside, don a wide-brimmed hat.
  3. Stay dry: Save taking a dip until your permanent makeup procedure area has fully healed. This is important because bacteria can breed in all kinds of water, including swimming pool, hot tub, lake, river and ocean water. If a harmful bacteria enters one of the tiny open skin wound created by your permanent cosmetic appliation, it could cause a severe infection.
  4. Hold the bleach: Everyone loves a bright, white smile. But if you've recently enhanced your smile with permanent lipstick, you'll want to wait until they've fully healed before bleaching your teeth. That's because a substance called Carbamide peroxide, common in teeth bleaching gels, can pull the new color from your lips, leaving them looking blotchy and faded.
  5. Nix the habit: Smoking can significantly mar a new permanent lipstick, particularly at the points where your lips touch the cigarette filter. Plus, it's harmful to your skin overall because it saps natural moisture and causes repetitive motion lines around the lips.

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