Manscaping for Beach Weather
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Manscaping for Beach Weather

February 23, 2017

Sometimes, less is more. That's definitely the case for scores of men who battle unsightly back hair. But there's good news. Jacksonville's Elements of Therapy can help you get that smooth, hairless physique you're looking for just in time for beach weather. 

Part of the trend known as "manscaping," laser hair removal is on the rise with men. In fact, statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that in 2015 nearly 187,800 men underwent laser hair removal. That figure means that men accounted for 17 percent of patients opting for the procedure.

Excess hair in men can be caused by high testosterone levels, genes, age and ethnicity. One cause of back hair in particular is hypertrichosis, a genetic condition that results in abnormal hair density and length. The good news is that it's primarily a cosmetic issue that rarely causes any significant medical problems. Hirsuitism, however, is another story. It's a condition involving elevated levels of androgens and can be problematic. That's because androgens have multiple effects on body including otherwise unexplained weight gain or even cancer.

Whatever the cause, professionally administered laser hair removal can effectively and, often, permanently remove hair from your back, chest and other areas. It's safe, pain-free and highly effective with little downtime, though you'll need to protect any treated areas from sun exposure for at least seven days after each treatment and you may need multiple treatment sessions to achieve the look you want.

Hit the beach with back-baring confidence this summer. Call Elements of Therapy at our Intracoastal/Beaches location at 904-337-4159 or in Mandarin at 904-619-1587 to schedule your treatment.

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