Massage Therapy Jacksonville

Stressed, tense, or just need a little pampering? Massage may be just what you need. Studies have shown that massage can improve your physical and mental well-being after just one visit. Let our caring, professional therapists help you find your bliss with one of our many customizable treatments.

1-Hour Massage $49.99

*First Time Clients. Sign up for a membership during your visit and you pay only $39.99!

Why Massage?

Regardless of your age or physical condition, massage can provide a variety of benefits. It's not simply used for reducing stress or helping to manage pain. In fact, there is evidence that massage can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, improve your circulation and flexibility, relieve headaches, strengthen your immune system, and even improve rehabilitation after an injury or a surgery. Massage can also help remove impurities from your skin and flush out toxins from your body.

What Can You Expect?

Our therapists are dedicated to making your massage experience memorable. That is why we take the time to address your unique needs and concerns at the beginning of each visit. Before your treatment begins, your therapist will review your medical history, inquire about any recent injuries, and ask about the specific areas you would like addressed during your visit. You will then be given time to disrobe and store your belongings. Please feel free to disrobe partially or completely, it's entirely up to you and your comfort level. You will then lie face down on the table under the sheet provided. Throughout your treatment, feel free to communicate with your therapist to ensure the pressure is just right. Our tranquil rooms and comfortable tables will enhance your experience and help you find your bliss. Once your experience has concluded, you will be given additional time to dress and relax before exiting the room.


We offer a variety of massage treatments to meet your specific needs. If you're a first-time client, take advantage of our special $49.99 60-minute Classic Massage or upgrade to our 90-minute Classic massage for only $69.99.

Swedish Massage*

  • Great for relieving stress and tight muscles
  • Promotes relaxation and stimulates circulation
  • Uses light to medium pressure

Deep Tissue Massage*

  • Perfect for active lifestyles
  • Provides deep relief
  • Targeted massage to help release muscle tension

Sports Massage*

  • Good for athletes
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces muscle tightness

Prenatal Massage*

  • Eases aches and pains associated with pregnancy
  • Helps reduce headaches and fatigue
  • Promotes better sleep

*Massages start at $49.99 (60 minutes) and $69.99 (90 minutes) for members. Non-members will be charged $96 (60 minutes) and $120 (90 minutes) per session. Complimentary hot towels and pick a lotion scent are provided during every massage experience.


At The Elements, you can customize your experience by adding on one or more enhancements to your massage. Each provides a different benefit, but all will leave you feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.  The Signature Massage automatically includes an enhancement but if you would like to purchase and add-on you can choose one of the following.


($6 members / $12 non-members)

Choose from one of our many signature aromas to create the massage experience that is perfect for you. Our specially formulated lotions will help you relax and enhance your well-being. 

Hot Stones

($15 members / $25 non-members)

A great addition to either your Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, hot stones will help melt away tension and relax your tightest muscles. Let our caring and experienced massage therapists transport you to sheer bliss by adding this enhancement to your next appointment. The signature massage does not include hot stones.

Deep Pain Relief

($14 members / $25 non-members)

Do you suffer from chronic pain in your back, legs or shoulders? Ask your massage therapist to add our Deep Pain Relief enhancement to your next treatment. We use cold therapy BioFreeze, which is perfect for anyone who is dealing with limited mobility due to athletic training or overuse.

Hand Scrub

($10 members / $20 non-members)

Give your hands the attention they deserve by adding our Salt of The Earth sugar and salt scrub to your next massage. This scrub will help whisk away dull surface cells, and leave your hands radiant and smooth.

Foot Scrub

($10 members / $20 non-members)

Refresh your tired, aching feet with our Salt of The Earct Exfoliating Scrub. This unique blend of essential oils and polished pumice will exfoliate your skin without being too abrasive.


Can I request a specific therapist?

Yes. If this is your first visit, please let us know if you would prefer a male or a female therapist. We may also suggest certain therapists who may be better suited for the type of massage treatment you are scheduled to receive, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

What is the best massage for someone who has never had one?

If this is your first experience with massage, we suggest trying something with light pressure, such as Swedish massage.

How often should I get a massage?

Massage offers may health benefits, so it is recommended that you have at least one a month. If, however, you have a particularly stressful job or one that is very physical, you may want to consider increasing your treatments to two or more per month.

Will my massage last the entire 60 or 90 minutes?

Although your appointment will take the entire time, each massage includes a 5-minute consultation period prior to your service to give your therapist time to address your specific needs. You will also receive 5 minutes at the end of your treatment to relax and get dressed.

Is it safe for me to get a massage when I am pregnant?

In general, most women benefit from prenatal massage, but it is always best to consult your physician first before making an appointment.

Are your massage tables heated?

Yes. Please let your therapist know if the temperature needs to be adjusted during your visit, as your comfort is our priority.

Will I need to remove all my clothing?

Each person is different, so please feel free to disrobe to the extent you feel comfortable.

I'm uncomfortable about people touching certain areas. Is this a problem?

No, we want to make you as comfortable as possible. Please let your therapist know if there are any areas, such as your feet, which should be avoided.

Do I need to shave before my appointment?

The choice is yours. Please do not feel embarrassed if you do not shave. It's completely normal to have hair on your back, chest, arms, or legs.

Do you provide hot towels?

Yes, complimentary hot towels are provided for all massage appointments.

Can I add more than one enhancement to my massage?

Yes, please feel free to add one or many to your next appointment.

Should I tip my therapist?

If you feel your therapist has provided you with excellent care and service, please feel free to tip him or her.

Should I purchase a massage membership?

If you plan on visiting at least once a month, and like saving money, we definitely recommend purchasing one of our massage membership packages. You can save up to $50 per appointment and your benefits never expire.